Life on a farm in Argentina

The „Estancia Santa Magarita“ is a sheepfarm near El Chalten. 19.000 sheep, many dogs and more horses. Eight gauchos are working here during summertime. Breaking horses, cutting the tails of the sheep, vaccinate them,

There is one more important worker on the farm, beside the administrator: the cook. His name is Lucho.
Just having flour, potatos, polenta and sheep meet, Lucho creates two hot meals per day.
Fried, cooked, roasted sheepmeat, cooked, smashed, fried potatos, homemade bread in all variations.

Work starts at around 6 am. Leaving the farm on horses, finding the sheep in the field, wrangling them to the farm. Having lunchtime, drinking mate and starting to work again until around 7 pm. Conversation is about sheep, horses, dogs, pumas and neighbours. There is no alcohol on the farm. Solar energy and a car battery is the source of electricity.

To watch individual fotos, just press on the first one. 

Life of Gaucho

Life of the Cook

Life of Sheep

Life of Horse

Life of Dog


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